Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Your Best on the Big Day

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life!  Everyone will be waiting to see what the brides wearing, how she did her hair and most importantly – her beautiful bridal makeup! Even though you’ll have your friends and family there to support you, it can be a very stressful day with your nerves getting the best of you.  Take a deep breath and know you’re not alone and that there are many helpful wedding makeup tips that will help you look your best on such a special special day!

When you plan your wedding day there will be a lot of details to discuss with your wedding planner, hair stylist and makeup artist.  You are planning an event which can be a huge under taking, so leave it to the experts to help you through this time and don’t sweat the small stuff.  From your dress, shoes, to hair and makeup, you want everything to flow and work in sync.  You don’t want anything to compete with each other.  Capture a timeless memory of your special day by doing a trial run with your hair and makeup stylist months before your wedding day.

Consult with your makeup artist to discuss any questions or concerns that you have about your bridal makeup before the big day.  Your makeup artist will walk you through the details of your desired makeup look and show you options. They should also consider water proof products as well as longevity of the makeup on your face. You will be sitting in your makeup for more than 12 hours so be sure to discuss what’s important with your artist.

Color selection is important for the overall picture! It is critical to match your makeup to your dress, accessories and surroundings!  The last thing you want is for your color scheme to be off. You want to avoid clashing a poorly thought out color selection between yourself and the lovely flower arrangements, while walking down the aisle.   Be sure to discuss all of your color options with your makeup artist, so he or she can keep these colors in mind when choosing products that will both highlight your facial features and complement the overall wedding theme.

You should consider a good moisturizing routine in the coming weeks leading up to your wedding.  A smooth, hydrated face, will assure that your make last longer once applied. Twenty minutes before having your makeup done, apply moisturizer so that it has a chance to absorb on your skin.

Watery eyes can pose a problem for the bride, so be prepared to shed a tear or two during the wedding ceremony.  With this in mind it’s best to plan ahead.  Make sure that you have waterproof mascara for your lashes. Your foundation and concealer should have an oil base to repel the water off the eyes and skin.

Get facial treatments at least once every month before the big day to give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.  If your regular routine is to take care of your skin, then keep up the good work!  If you are new at facial treatments don’t do a facial the day before the wedding.  Give yourself at least a week before the big day to do the treatment.  Your skin can get red and irritated for sensitive skin so plan ahead.

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