Prevent Mascara From Clumping

mascara clumping tutorialOnce your mascara starts to clump, it’s time to throw it out.  Mascara’s only last a month once its opened.   If you don’t wear it every day you could stretch it to two months.

Here are some tips in minimizing clumps:

Tip 1

When you apply mascara don’t pump your wand into the casing as this will introduce air into the tube and can cause clumping and dry out your mascara.

Tip 2

Pull out your mascara wand and gently slide the wand on the side of the inner casing to grab excess product instead of a quick motion, this will help to eliminate product waste.  Here’s a genius new mascara that we absolutely love from  It’s a squeezable mascara tube that allows you to control the amount of product on the wand.

Tip 3

When applying mascara wipe off any excess mascara from the wand and keep a spooley brush on hand to brush off any clumps that the mscara leaves behind on the the lashes.



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