Tips for Keeping Healthy Skin in the Summer Sun

Natural Summer Skin CareSummer is here!  The warm weather takes us outdoors and it’s especially important to protect our skin before we regret it.  Whether you spend the weekend at a barbecue or vacationing at a tropical island it is important to take preventative steps to keep your skin young and healthy for years to come.  A few hours in direct sunlight without any protection can age your skin rapidly, so let’s take a look at these natural skin care tips to help beat the summer sun.


Wear a Natural Sunscreen.  There are a number of natural sunscreen options that won’t have toxins and chemicals found in many brands of product.  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the two most common non-toxic sunscreen ingredients, we recommend Bee Sunny Mineral Sunscreen.  Red raspberry seed oil, hemp seed oil, and green and white tea extracts also work as a natural sunblock when combined by some of the better natural skin product brands.  Some of these natural products require you to apply them more frequently.


Wear sunglasses.  Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection reduces eye strain and crow’s feet.


Wear a hat.  A hat will keep you cool by blocking direct sunlight from hitting your face, and if you have a broad brimmed hat it will protect your shoulders and neck too.


Wear a cover up.  Consider wearing a cover up while at the beach during peak solar hours of the day, this is usually between 1-3pm depending on where you are.


Seek shade.  We all want that perfect tan, but consider finding some shade to give your skin a break from the sun.


Treat burns naturally.  If you do happen to get a sunburn, don’t use oils or heavy ointments as they can block your pores and trap the heat.  The best way to reduce inflammation is by applying a natural aloe such as Jason gel to cool down your skin.

Take a bath.  Taking a cool or lukewarm bath with baking soda, a gentle herbal blend with lavender, cucumber juice or chamomile.  Taking a bath with natural ingredients will still cool your skin without damaging it like the pounding water from a shower does.


Exfoliate regularly.  Once a week, naturally exfoliate your skin with ground walnut shells, sea salt or brown sugar to remove dead skin and encourage skin to regenerate.


The summer sun can be harmful to your skin, but by preparing for your outdoor activities by following these tips you will have healthy skin for years to come.






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