Spray Tanning Tips For the Perfect Tan Body

You can tan your body in many different ways. You can bask in the sun to get a good burn depending on your genetic make-up or you are born with that perfect skin that tans without any repercussions.  Another way to tan is to go to a tanning salon and get UV rays while lying in a dome shaped contraption.  There are also tanning lotions and creams out there on the market that can give you a tan to the skin depending on the color you purchase.  Majority of people would prefer to tan by application of lotion or cream, than to sit in a tanning salon or in the sun due to the health risks that follow with traditional tanning.

The most popular way to get a nice even tan is by spray tanning.  The tanning spray is used by spraying the product on the skin evenly and allowing the spray tan to dry at least for 10 minutes. How does a tanning spray work you ask? A chemical is released and reacts to our amino acids causing a tan on the skin. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the chemical that initiates the process in the skin, thus creating a nice brown tan.  Tanning products are not harmful to the skin and are safe without posing health risks like the sun or tanning beds. The applications of spray tans are easy to use and maintain.  Here are a few things you need to know before you apply:


Spray tanning prep

Before you get the product on the skin, read the label with ingredients and instructions.  Use the patch test method by testing the product on the back of your hand or ear.   If there is no allergic reaction the product is safe to use.  Exfoliate your skin to prepare your body effectively by using a Japanese wash cloth or a loofah sponge.  Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin and allows the tan to sit better onto the pores of the skin providing a longer lasting tan.  After exfoliation you should moisturize the skin at least 2 hours prior to the spray tan.  Moisturizing enables the tan to absorb quicker and have a longer wear on the skin.


The strategies of applying spray tan

You will need a pair of latex free gloves to protect your hands from discoloration.  An even application may be used on bare hands. Avoid wearing light colored clothing.  Darker color clothing is preferred due to the saturation of the tanning spray. Wash your hands immediately after you apply the tan to get rid of any residue color left on the skin.

Lay a towel, newspaper or painters cloth on the floor in case drips from the spray tan fall to the ground while spraying the color onto the body.  Spray your body evenly with the tanning solution. To smooth any drip lines on the skin use a towel or cloth saturated with spray tan and rub on to the skin to even out the tan.  You can also use the cloth on areas like the back of your ears or creases behind the knees and under arms.


Spray Tanning Tip

To avoid an uneven application stand tall for at least a minute so that the tan can dry properly. Stand in front of a mirror to help you gauge where you need to re-apply or fix if there are any patches or areas that need smoothing out. Follow the instructions in your spray tan kit and remember to always apply sun screen. Usually the tanning sprays have a sunscreen in them, but it’s better to apply an additional coat of sunscreen for maximum protection.


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