Natural Makeup Tips

Beauty should be an important focus for all of us.  Health and wellness is a part of feeling beautiful and it starts by following our natural makeup tips.  Besides eating healthy, your natural skin care routine is the most important part of our daily philosophy to maintain and prevent our skin from aging.  I can still remember my mom telling me “don’t forget to moisturize your neck.”  I was 14 at the time and it stuck with me forever!  I must say, mom was right because my neck never looked so good!  At a young age it’s so important to take really good care of your skin.  Teens don’t need to use serums in their day-to-day routine.  They need a really good cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer and natural sunblock.  Women in their 20′s and older should start with a serum full of anti-oxidants to combat free radicals.  Whatever your skin care treatment is, follow it consistently to see the results.

Maintain healthy skin from the inside by eating healthy foods high in vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Beta carotene such as Kale and Spinach.  Another great raw food that’s been showing great skin results is Chia seed.  I love to eat Mila, which is a blend of 8 different Chia seeds.  It has more than 3000 mg of Omega fatty acids and due to the amount of Omegas, your skin will clear up and have a natural glow.

A clear complexion and natural healthy skin is what’s in, not a caked on face!  Too much makeup can make anyone look dull, in fact it can even make you look older.  here are some steps on how to achieve a natural makeup look:

7 Natural Makeup Tips


natural makeup tips 1

Tip 1

Apply your daily skin care products which include: toner, eye cream, serum and moisturizer.

Tip 2

Apply liquid foundation for skin that’s dry to normal and if your skin is oily remember that less is more.  For oily skin use a foundation that controls oil and is a matte coverage.

Tip 3

Conceal after foundation and spot correct areas that have redness on the skin.  Use a light dabbing motion on blemishes to correct the area and blend it in with the foundation.

Tip 4

If you feel the need to powder, use a mineral loose powder and powder on the t-zone.  The t-zone is the forehead to the center of the nose and on the sides of the nose to the cupids bow and chin.  Powdering the t-zone will set the makeup and blot the oils from the skin.

Tip 5

To keep the eyes looking healthy, try a cream eyeshadow and set it with a translucent powder.  You can use your fingers to apply the cream eye shadow. It provides a nice sheen to the eyes and for those who don’t have a lot of time, this application is quick and easy. Mascara is a must and using a clear or dark brown mascara will enhance your natural lashes.natural-makeup-tips-2

Tip 6

A lip color stain works well and lasts all day.  To find the right natural color for your lip, look at the center of your lips and match a color to that.    Dab a clear gloss over the center of your lips for a pout that shines.

Tip 7

All you need is a flush of color on your cheeks.  Smile and apply a cream or tint blush to the apples of your cheeks.  Use a bronzer on the parameters of your face to warm up your skin!

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