Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

makeup for brown eyes tutorialBrown eyes are a dominant feature in humans.  In fact, a majority of people have dark brown eyes, including myself.  Brown eyes are neutral and they are a mix of red, yellow and blue; the primary colors on the color wheel.  Brown eyes have the ability to wear any eyeshadow color.  Below we’ve listed colors that compliment any shade of brown.

For dark brown eyes my favorite eyeshadow colors are from MAC cosmetics.  Humid which is a green emerald color, and Deep Truth a jeweled blue tone. These jewel tones make the iris of the eyes appears lighter when using contrasting colors.

For medium brown eyes, look at the flecks in the iris and grab an eyeshadow or eyeliner color to match the flecks.  Try a charcoal grey, metallic silver, or a golden tone eyeshadow.  A fun pallet that has a range of shimmer tones is “Too Faced loves Sephora” pallet which also comes with a blush, 2 bronzers, eye primer and a kabuki brush.  It’s a limited edition at Sephora.

Light brown eyes resemble the color of  Amber and these eyes would do well with wearing violets, bronze, copper, greens, medium browns and blues. Try a long wear cream shadow like Buxom’s “Stay-There Eyeshadow” in Schnauzer.  It’s a violet cream color base shadow that brightens any look.

Eyeliners for brown eyes are indigo blue, hunter green, white, gold, peach, soft brown or  “Champagne” from Makeup Forever’s aqua line.  These colors paired with eye shadows make a dynamic duo.  Who says brown eyes are boring?  Not anymore!



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