Choosing a Lip Gloss Color and How To Apply

To hunt for that perfect lip gloss color takes time and patience.  It’s not an easy task to just pick up a color and bring it home with you.  You need luck and perseverance to guide you to that lustrous lip gloss color.  Follow these simple guidelines to attract the perfect lip gloss to your puckering lips.

1. Be mindful and open to creativity!

There are many cosmetic brands out there that sell similar lip gloss colors. In fact most of the brands are all made at the same factory, and what dictates price is the efficacy of the product and the brand name.  If price point and name brand aren’t a concern, then you can choose whatever your heart desires from a $6 lip gloss at a drug store or a $32 lip gloss from a high end brand.  Your lips will thank you for the smooth silky texture of an expensive brand of lip gloss. However, there are brands out there like Jordana which costs a whopping $1.99 and emulate the same texture on your lips as the high end brands. It doesn’t matter what the cost may be for lip gloss as long as you like how it feels on the lips. It’s also good to do the research before buying a product.  For sanitary purposes you should never try on a lip gloss at either a high end counter or at a drug store.  You can test the product on the back of your hand for color intensity and texture, but steer clear from applying it to the lips as there is bacteria living in the testers.

2. Re-apply as needed

You may need to re-apply frequently on the lips. Both lesser and higher brands have relatively short life spans of gloss intensity. A heavy gloss is not for everyone, but you are the best judge for your lip color.

3. Tips on selecting lip gloss

Choosing a lip gloss is all about personalizing the color and working with what god gave you!  Try to base your color choice on your natural skin tone of your lips. Lip glosses react differently on the skin and look different on everyone.  Don’t compare your lips to celebrities that you see on magazines.  For example, Angelina Jolie has a full lip features that some women use Botox to achieve.  There are tricks to create a fuller lip just by applying lip liner, highlighting, and choosing a lip color that stands out.

4. Glittery lip gloss isn’t for everyone

A lip gloss that feels natural and smooth on the skin will be a staple in your makeup bag for ever and ever.  A comfortable lip gloss should feel like it’s barely there when you rub your lips together.  Lip gloss that contains glitter may leave a gritty texture to your lips and may not feel as comfortable as your normal lip gloss.  They look pretty to the naked eye, but can cause minor irritation.

5. Moisturize thy lips!

A skin care routine for your lips is a good habit to have.  Choose a lip balm or a lip conditioner to hydrate the skin.  You may even want to exfoliate your lips before applying a color to remove any dead skin and to ensure a nice smooth application. Your lips will feel conditioned and ready to take on lip gloss with ease.

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