How to Line Your Eyes With a Pencil

eyeliner pencil tutorial

Lining your eyes with a pencil is a great way to enhance your natural eye shape or create a more dramatic look.  The products and tools you choose are key in defining the eyes.



Step 1


Take the sharpened pencil brush and direct the tip of the pencil to the top of the inner corner of the eyelid. Get as close to the lash line as possible and line the upper eyelids to the center of the eye, then flip the pencil so the point is facing the outer corner of the eye and drag the pencil from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the eye.  You can make the line higher by going slightly above the lash line to lift the eye and to create a thicker line.

Step 2

Next, start at the tear duct of the bottom lash line and drag the pencil to the outer corner of the eye.  Remember to always align the pencil in the direction of the line.

Step 3

Take your Mini Shader or smudging brush and gently smudge the top and bottom of the lash line to soften the eyeliner.  This will create a more natural look and minimize any unevenness in the line.


Products: Pencil, Sharpener and mini shader brush

  1. You will need Eye pencil in brown or black.  Two of my favorites are Eye Kohl because they glide on easily.  MAC Eye Kohl Teddy for a rich brown and I go with MAC Eye Kohl Smolder Eye Liner for a more intense black.  Both colors are great so choose the color that works best for you.
  2. You don’t want to use a dull line, so be sure to sharpen your pencil to a perfect clean point for the best results.
  3. Mini shader brush, we like the D230 from to smudge and soften the eyeliner.
  4. If you’re still using the mirror above your sink, it might be time to go for a pedestal mirror to save your back.


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