How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


how to do smokey eye makeupHere’s a step by step on how to do smokey eye makeup for a classic smokey eye look. Wear this eye for a special occasion or a girls night out! No matter how you create it, have fun with it and  make mistakes because that’s the only way to learn!  Remember it’s only makeup, it washes off!  For more advanced smokey eye techniques stay tuned for our future a more advanced smokey eye makeup tutorial!




Step 1:

Prime your eyelids to with your favorite primer.  This will enhance the color from the shadow and will prevent the makeup from creasing.   Smokey eye makeup will not be as effective if you just apply eyeshadow to your eyelids without a base.  You can prep your eyelids with an eyelid primer, foundation, concealer, gel based liner, pencil or cream color product.  Depending on what color you want your smokey eye makeup to be, will determine what cream color, eye pencil or gel based product you use.  Using these products strictly for the eyelid will enhance the pigment from the eyeshadow.   If I want to quickly apply smokey eye makeup, I’ll  use a concealer that’s a little lighter than my skin tone under my brow bone, crease or fold of the eye and on the eyelid and then set it with a translucent powder.  If I really want the color to pop on my eyelids, I will still do my concealer from brow bone to crease or if I’m feeling creative, then that’s when I’ll use a gel, pencil or cream color base in the same color as my eyeshadow.


Step 2:

Apply your first eyeshadow layer.  This first layer will be applied under the brow bone. Deposit highlight color on to your brush, I like the D225 depositor brush from   Dab the color on to the brow bone and stop near the fold of the skin. Be sure to blend out any excess powder so your highlight has a soft look and if you use a shimmer or frost be mindful of the glitter flakes getting everywhere.  When applying the highlight, sweep in toward the eye and not away from the face so to not spread more glitter flakes on the skin.


Step 3:

Apply the main eyelid color onto the lid with a depositor brush.  Again you want to dab the color on the lid as this will give more color payoff for smokey eye, especially when you use pigments or dark colors.  You don’t want to use a sweeping motion because this can take away the dramatic effect of the eye and leave you with a subtle tone and what do we want to achieve?  A  Smokey eye, so pack it on!


Step 4:

We’re going to do layering techniques so stay with me!

The first layer is a medium tone color.  We’re going to build and add depth to the crease. Use a blender brush like the S175 standard crease from and deposit a medium tone color to the brush, then start from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye and blend in a sweeping or circle motion. Whatever the eye shape and crease, you always want to compliment it and provide depth. The layering technique will help you achieve that look.

The second layer will be a medium-dark tone color.  Again we are building and adding depth.  The main purpose for this is to fill in the area of the crease and blend everything together.  The third layer will be a dark black eye shadow to give a more dramatic effect just to the outer corner of the lid.  You can bring it up as high as your c

rease but no more than the crease or blend on the outer corner only.  Depending on your personal preference you can have a soft and subtle or dramatic smokey eye.


Step 5:

Bring out the dark smokey eye look.  Using an eye pencil, line the top and bottom of the eyes.   I like to use the D230 mini shader brush from  to smudge and soften the liner, brush and blend it into the skin.  Creating a smokey look from the outer corner and continuing it onto the bottom eyelid, will create that dramatic smokey effect.  Over the eye pencil,add whatever smokey color you used on the eyelid and smudge that color onto the lower lid to make it pop.  You can also add a liquid liner or gel based waterproof liner on the upper lash line to add a more glamorous look.


Step 6:

Load on the mascara.   Apply a heavy amount of mascara to your lashes for a night out or you can even add a band of lashes to the eyes.  Practice this a few times and you’ll be out the door in no time!


Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial



1.) Smokey eye makeup looks can be messy.  Start with applying the smokey eye makeup to your eyes first and then clean up with a wipe to remove the color that falls onto the skin.

2.) if you do your base first then be sure to powder under the eyes with a loose powder, preferably white or a yellow based loose powder to catch the fallout from the dark eyeshadow.

Please let us know if this how to do smokey eye makeup tutorial was helpful in the comments below, thanks!

Written by Kecia Littman


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