How to do Cat Eye Eyeliner


cat eye makeup tutorial

Cat eyes have 9 lives in the makeup world.  The style is ever changing and always growing, from Amy Wine house to Adele.  Keep it short or long tail, this frisky liner likes to walk on the wild side.  If you’re familiar with how to line your eyes, we’re ready to jump into how to do the famous cat eyeliner.


You will need a liquid pen or a gel based liner, angled or pointed tip brush, and a good mirror!

Step 1

 A helpful tip before you start lining your eyes is to start with the dominant side.  I’m right handed so starting with my right eye would be much easier to tackle then my left side.

Step 2

Starting from the inner corner of the eye, lay the liner flat on the inner corner and line close to the lash line to the center of the eye.  Next flip the brush so the point is facing the outer corner of the eye and draw the line until it connects to the center of the eyelid.

Step 3

Look slightly down and in the direction of the inner corner of the eye.  Place the tip of the brush slightly past the outer third of the eye and a little bit higher than the lash line.  Drawing slightly above will create a lift to the eye and give it a sexy cat eye.  Drag the brush by using the point of the pen or brush and line to the center of the eye.  From the outer corner of the eye below the first line, draw a line and connect it to the top to create a thicker cat eye.


cat eye makeup steps

Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side of the eye.  Once you’ve completed your cat eye makeup you can choose to line the bottom of the eyelids for a more exotic look.  To give it a 50′s vibe just line the top!  Have fun and in no time you’ll be the cat’s meow!


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