How to Apply Bronzers

how to apply bronzersHow to Bronze

Bronzers enhance the skin tones and traits you are born with!  If you are already tan, bronzers would be a great choice to bring out your facial features.  With fair to light skin tones, it is important to apply the correct color bronzer otherwise you could end up looking orange.

If you prefer to look tan you can use a foundation to make your skin look slightly darker than you normally would.  People with fair skin should also remember to bronze the body so that it matches the tone of your face.  For medium to dark skin you can simply use the bronzer to highlight the positives of your facial features.

Step 1

Spray tanning is a quick and easy way to achieve a natural looking tan for the face and body.

Step 2

For fair skin, mix your bronzer color with your blush tone so you can get a natural flush of color on your cheeks. A better choice than brown would be a combination of a pink or peach blush.  Choosing a color like a pink or peach tone will brighten the skin versus a brown color which could end up making pale skin look dirty, or leave the cheeks looking too dark.

Step 3

Be careful when applying the bronzer as you don’t want to over apply.  As mentioned in step 2, it could make your skin appear dirty if you apply too much.

Step 4

It’s important to know the different shades of bronzers that work best for you.   For example, look at it from light to dark.  If your complexion is light to fair, choose a shade that is similar to a beige tone.  If you have medium to medium-dark skin, choose a color that is similar to a brownish-red tone.  For a dark to deep dark skin tone, the darker bronzers will work best.


Step 5

Before applying bronzer you must consider what type of texture you are using.  Use this general rule of thumb: creams to creams, powders to powders.  If you use a bronzer that has a cream or liquid consistency then sticks with cream products.  Never mix and never worry!   If you are using a foundation powder then set with a translucent pressed powder on the skin.  This will help you to avoid any streaks from the bronzer and to ensure a smooth flow of color on the cheeks and cheek bones.  For a cream or liquid application of bronzer, apply the product on top of the liquid foundation.  Once you are finished with your desired look then you can set it with a translucent powder.

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