Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes

In this eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes we’ll teach you how to make your eyes stand out!makeup tutorial for blue eyes

Tip 1:

Study a color wheel to find out what complimentary color works best for any eye color.  For blue eyes your complimentary colors in eye shadows can range from yellow- orange, orange and red- orange.


Tip 2:

The best colors for blue eyes are browns, taupe’s, gold, bronze, plums, copper, warm orange, camel, browns and mauve tones.


Tip 3:

Pick a versatile eyeshadow pallet with colors that will compliment your blue eyes.  A multi color eyeshadow pallet and best seller that we like are Urban Decay Naked pallet or Urban Decay naked2 pallet.  Each pallet comes with 12 colors ranging from light, medium and dark tones perfect for a natural or smokey look.

Urban Decay - Naked PaletteUrban Decay - Naked2

Tip 4:

When applying eyeliner, choose a color that works well  for blue eyes which are gold, golden brown, rich browns, plums, greys, dark blues and black.  We like: MAC’s  Teddy eye kohl pencil or try Laura Mercier’s tight line cake liner in charcoal grey with an angled brush for a different approach.


Tip 5:

Complete your eye makeup with a dark brown mascara or  have fun with color, like this Dior show mascara in Plum to add a little drama to your exotic blue eyes!


Which makeup color do you think looks best for blue eyes?



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