Choosing a Lip Gloss Color and How To Apply

To hunt for that perfect lip gloss color takes time and patience.  It’s not an easy task to just pick up a color and bring it home with you.  You need luck and perseverance to guide you to that lustrous lip gloss color.  Follow these simple guidelines to attract the perfect lip gloss to your […]

Wedding Makeup Tips to Look Your Best on the Big Day

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life!  Everyone will be waiting to see what the brides wearing, how she did her hair and most importantly – her beautiful bridal makeup! Even though you’ll have your friends and family there to support you, it can be a very stressful day with your […]

5 Prom Makeup Tips to Make Your Big Night

prom makeup tips

Prom Makeup Tip 1: Prepare before the big day with a skin care routine. A good skin care routine should be planned way ahead of time.  Start prepping your skin at least 3 months before your prom.  Invest in a good cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer.  Every morning and every night wash your face with […]

How to Apply Bronzers

how to apply bronzers

How to Bronze Bronzers enhance the skin tones and traits you are born with!  If you are already tan, bronzers would be a great choice to bring out your facial features.  With fair to light skin tones, it is important to apply the correct color bronzer otherwise you could end up looking orange. If you […]

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes

makeup tutorial for blue eyes

In this eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes we’ll teach you how to make your eyes stand out! Tip 1: Study a color wheel to find out what complimentary color works best for any eye color.  For blue eyes your complimentary colors in eye shadows can range from yellow- orange, orange and red- orange.   […]

Prevent Mascara From Clumping

mascara clumping tutorial

Once your mascara starts to clump, it’s time to throw it out.  Mascara’s only last a month once its opened.   If you don’t wear it every day you could stretch it to two months. Here are some tips in minimizing clumps: Tip 1 When you apply mascara don’t pump your wand into the casing […]

How To Choose the Best Lip Liner

lip liner tutorial

Creating a perfect lip may be easy for those who have lips like Angelina Jolie, but how do you create that fullness or  stay within the lines?  We’ll show you how to apply lip liner and you’ll be perfecting your pout in no time.   Let’s have fun with this tutorial so grab some of […]

How to Apply Gel and Liquid Liners

gel eyeliner tutorial

We’ll teach you how to apply gel or liquid based liner for a more dramatic look than using a pencil.  Most gel liners are either water resistant or waterproof.  These liners are great for those who don’t want to fuss with a liner all day.  Typically these liners stay in place for 8 hrs or […]

How to Line Your Eyes With a Pencil

eyeliner pencil tutorial

Lining your eyes with a pencil is a great way to enhance your natural eye shape or create a more dramatic look.  The products and tools you choose are key in defining the eyes.     Step 1   Take the sharpened pencil brush and direct the tip of the pencil to the top of […]

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes


Brown eyes are a dominant feature in humans.  In fact, a majority of people have dark brown eyes, including myself.  Brown eyes are neutral and they are a mix of red, yellow and blue; the primary colors on the color wheel.  Brown eyes have the ability to wear any eyeshadow color.  Below we’ve listed colors […]