Bridal Eye Makeup Looks for Your Wedding Day


wedding makeupYou have the dress, the shoes, the accessories and the last thing on your mind is your makeup!   Makeup is a huge accessory for the day of the wedding.  If you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, take some time to capture a look that suits your individual personality.  The right eye shadow, lip or cheek color can make or break your entire ensemble.  Don’t leave your makeup to the last minute, get inspired and find the right makeup look for your special day!


Here are some classic bridal eye makeup looks for any season:

Romantic: The look for romance is all about a soft approach.  Matte, velvet or satin textures create a soft romantic look.  Choose soft pinks, peaches, plums, taupe, burgundies, browns or grays for eyes.

The eyes: Start with a highlight in a soft matte or beige satin for your brow bone.  Contour the crease by using a soft pink-beige or taupe from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.  On the eyelid you could use a burgundy, brown or soft gray as the main color in a satin texture to give a little shimmer to the eye.  For eyeliner use a dark brown, deep plum or dark charcoal gray.  These colors give a sweet innocence to the eye.

Cheeks: Smash box bronzer in “Warm Beige”

Lips:  “Midimauve” from MAC cosmetics a warm beige lip stick

Classic Vintage:  A vintage look has gained more and more popularity amongst brides-to-be.  A vintage look is a great look for beginners.  If you want to advance it to the next level, add a small cat eye to add a retro look.  For those who love old Hollywood glam this is the look for for you!


The eyes:  Start with a highlight tone for your brow bone in a light champagne or gold shimmer color. For crease color, contour with a soft peach or charcoal brown and define the crease well, by using a large blending brush like MAC cosmetic’s #227 brush.  For the eyelids you could use the same highlight color like a champagne or opt for a matte natural beige tone on the eyelids.

Eyeliner:  For beginners you could use a gel based liner with an angled brush to add a slight cat eye eyeliner and for advanced use a liquid pen.  Usually gel liners are water proof and not all liquid pens are water proof.  For weddings you want to consider water proof, water proof, water proof products!

Blush: Nars blush in” Dusty Rose”

Lip: To complete the look a matte red lip is the key to the Hollywood glam.  We like MAC’s” Ruby Woo”, a perfect matte red lipstick.

Beach Babe Goddess  Getting married on the beach or just inspired by the beach? Here’s a simple way to design a makeup look perfect for any beach babe goddess!

The eyes: On the brow bone for highlight use a sheer bronzed gold shimmer.  For the crease colors a copper, bronze, taupe or caramel will create depth from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes.  Pop the eyes with a bright gold or rose gold for the eyelids.  Use a rich brown waterproof pencil for the top and bottom eyeliner or a gel based liner with an angled brush for a more precise line.  To open up the eyes just on the inner corner of the eyes, highlight with a light shimmer beige using a pencil brush.

Cheeks: “Gold Deposit” from MAC Cosmetics.

Lips: Nude glossy lips, Try Kissable Couture “Innocence/ Creme Brulee”

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