How To Choose the Best Lip Liner

lip liner tutorialCreating a perfect lip may be easy for those who have lips like Angelina Jolie, but how do you create that fullness or  stay within the lines?  We’ll show you how to apply lip liner and you’ll be perfecting your pout in no time.


Let’s have fun with this tutorial so grab some of these key products and lets get started.

For a natural look try a neutral lip liner, preferably a beige- pink pencil or if you want to be bold opt for a red pencil.  Pencils also come in retractable no-sharpen lip pencils so you can choose either based on your level of experience or how much time you have in your busy life, it’s up to you!

Choose a lipstick color that matches your lip pencil.

You’ll need a sharpener for your lip pencil.

Translucent loose powder or pressed powder.

Lip moisturizer.

How to Apply Lip Liner:


Step 1:

Moisturize your lips before applying any lip color.  You can hydrate your lips while applying your skin care and base.  To avoid dry crackly lips moisturize with Lucas paw paw ointment, it heals and conditions the skin.

Step 2:

Next you need a lip pencil or retractable no- sharpen lip pencil.  If you’re using  a pencil,  sharpen your pencil so that you have a nice point to create a smooth line.

Step 3:

Start on either side of your lip to create the line.  We chose the left side.  Start with placing the pencil flat on the left side of the upper lip line and follow that close to the lip line.  With one smooth continuous line to the  cupids bow,  drag the point to the cupids bow and bring it down to the center of the lip.  Do the same technique on the right side of the cupids bow.  If color grabs and skips on the lip line,  then use the smiling technique.  Smile with your lips closed and then draw the line.

Step 4:

For the bottom lip line start from the outer corner of the bottom left lip, lay the pencil flat on the lip line and drag to the center of the lip, then flip the pencil and repeat on the right side.  For the top and bottom lip be sure to always have the point of the pencil facing the outer corner lip as this will give you more control and a cleaner line.

Step 5:

You can also use the pencil as a primer for the lip color and slightly color in the upper lip with the lip pencil as well as the lower lip. Once the desired lip line is created fill in with lipstick color.  Start application of lipstick from the outer corner of the lip to the inner corner to provide a smooth fluid movement. Do this for top and bottom lip.

Step 6:

To set your lips for a longer wear, lay a piece of tissue over the lips and use a powder puff or sponge saturated with loose powder and lightly press that on top of the tissue.  Your lips will have more of a matte effect. For a shinier or fuller effect add a pop of lip gloss to the center of the lips.


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