5 Prom Makeup Tips to Make Your Big Night

prom makeup tipsProm Makeup Tip 1: Prepare before the big day with a skin care routine.

A good skin care routine should be planned way ahead of time.  Start prepping your skin at least 3 months before your prom.  Invest in a good cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer.  Every morning and every night wash your face with your cleanser, then tone and moisturize.   If you are active or play sports be sure to exfoliate twice a week to remove the dirt and impurities from the skin.  For those who aren’t so active, you can exfoliate once a week.


Prom Makeup Tip 2: Choose the right foundation to match your skin

To find the correct foundation color for your skin tone simply swatch 3 colors that are close to your skin tone on the side of your jaw.  The color that is invisible on your skin will be the perfect match.   For example, the right shade of foundation should blend in with the color of your neck, jawline, and around your hairline.


Prom Makeup Tip 3: Choose your inspiration

If you want to replicate a celebrities makeup or enhance your own look, decide on the look you want to achieve first.  What is it about the look that’s attractive to you?  Is it the colorful eye shadow, the contour and highlight, or the overall picture?  Pick a part every aspect and find the feature that will enhance your natural beauty!


Prom Makeup Tip 4: Play up your best features

If you’re told that your eyes are your best feature then play them up for prom! Now that we have our inspiration, it’s time to focus on that feature and accentuate it.  In order to look your best stick to one feature and don’t compete with everything else.  Create a strong dramatic eye and simplify by wearing a nude lipstick, or the other way around.  Play up your lips with a bright red lipstick and keep the eyes soft.


Prom Makeup Tip 5: Pack the essentials in your purse.

It wouldn’t be a prom without lights flashing!  Pictures are essential, especially after you get ready and throughout the night!  Pack only items in your purse that you just can’t live without, like lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss.  Also pack some blotting film paper or powder to reduce shine.  Before you get out on the dance floor take a quick photo once your look is complete!   We would love to see what you’ve done!   Share your photo with us on our Facebook Page.

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